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Adopt-A-Drain Waiver

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  2. Volunteer Waiver and Release of Liability

    I am voluntarily participating in the City of St. Pete Beach's Adopt-A-Drain program. I have read and agree to follow the Volunteer Guidelines, below. I acknowledge my participation in these events does not come without the risk of injury or harm; I accept this risk and assume responsibility for all liability and risk associated with my participation.

    I agree to hold harmless, release, waive and forever discharge the City of St. Pete Beach, its employees, departments, officers and agents, from any and all claims or demands I may have by reason of any accident, illness, injury, loss, destruction or damage to property, arising or resulting directly or indirectly from my participation in this activity. I further covenant not to bring any legal action against the City of St. Pete Beach, its employees, departments, officers and agents, for any injury, loss or damage resulting from my participation in this activity. I understand that the provisions of this waiver and release do not constitute a waiver of the City of St. Pete Beach’s sovereign immunity pursuant to Fla. Stat. 768.26.

    This Waiver and Release is contractual and not a mere recital and applies whether or not injury or loss resulting from this activity is caused by an act or omission of the City, its employees, departments, officers or agents, negligent or otherwise.

    This Waiver and Release is binding on my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, and all of my family members, and applies to all losses, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, related to my participation in this activity.


    I hereby irrevocably consent to, and authorize, the use and reproduction of any and all videotaped and photographic recordings taken of me and /or my child/children, my property (i.e., music, art, photography, home, vehicle, etc.) for use in not-for-profit public education television productions and print media by the City of St. Pete Beach Government. I understand that this will be done without compensation to me and all recordings or images shall become the property of the City of St. Pete Beach Government.

    Volunteer Guidelines

    Thank you for your dedication to improving water quality in St. Pete Beach! Your well-being and enjoyment are important to us. All volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a safe, courteous and legal manner while participating in activities on City property or right-of-way. Please follow these guidelines:

    General Safety 

    1. Wear appropriate footwear, clothing, sunscreen and eye protection (when necessary).
    2. Keep hydrated.
    3. Call 911 for emergencies.


    Traffic Safety 

    1. When possible, stay out of the street.
    2. If you must work in the street, please use traffic cones as provided.
    3. When working in or around a gutter, work from the sidewalk.
    4. If working near traffic, wear a bright reflective work vest or bright-colored clothing.
    5. Cross streets at signals or crosswalks, not mid-block.


    Working Near Waterways 

    1. Always work with a partner near water.
    2. Watch for poison ivy and thorny bushes or vines.
    3. Watch your footing on slopes and shorelines.
    4. Never allow children to work on steep slopes or near shorelines without adult supervision.


    Tool Safety 

    1. Do not use power tools.
    2. Carry tools carefully to avoid hitting others.
    3. Always use the right tools for the job. Ask a team leader or County staff if you are unsure.
    4. Never allow children to play with tools or to use sharp tools.
    5. Always keep your tools close to you.
    6. Count and clean your tools after an activity/cleanup.


    Debris Removal 

    1. Always sweep, rake or shovel glass. Never pick up sharp objects with your hands.
    2. Separate collected materials into appropriate receptacles based on your locations garbage and recycling collection policies. 

  3. Volunteer Commitment

    As reminder, by volunteering to participate in Adopt-A-Drain, you agree to: 

    1. Maintain your adopted storm drain(s) for at least one full year.
    2. Have groups that consist of at least one adult.
    3. Be responsible for supervising and organizing your team (if applicable).
    4. Complete an educational and safety training (online course).
    5. Perform at least 12 cleanups a year at your adopted area, ideally with the bulk of these occurring during the rainy season May-October.
    6. Remove debris/litter about 10 feet on all sides of adopted storm drain(s) at least twelve times a year with the bulk of these cleanup occurring in the rainy season between May-October.
    7. Let us know when you perform your cleanups by submitting a short form.
    8. Dispose of bagged trash properly. Please separate trash and recyclables when possible.
    9. Protect and respect all property and natural resources.
    10. Report illegal dumping of any waste including chemicals, oil, sewage, trash and yard waste into the street, storm sewer system or into any water body in the city by calling the Public Works Team at (727)363-9243. 
    11. Report a storm drain in need of staff attention through the City of St. Pete Beach SeeClickFix program using your smartphone or computer.

    Volunteer Support

    As an Adopt-A-Drain volunteer, you will be supported in the following ways:


    1. Cleanup and safety supplies provided.
    2. Orientation and education information provided.
    3. Email and/or text notifications prior to storm events (if desired).
    4. Coordinated permission and access to adopted storm drain with local governments.
    5. Efforts promoted via social media (if permissions given).
    6. Provide countywide coordination of the program, training and program overview.
    7. Provide clean up materials including, but not limited to: a reusable garden bag, gloves, broom, rake and safety vests.
    8. Provide required program documents and reporting forms.
    9. Provide Volunteer General Liability Insurance Coverage.

    General Conduct 


    1. Always be courteous to fellow volunteers, members of the public, and City employees.
    2. Never use vulgar language or engage in threatening or disruptive actions.
    3. Never make unauthorized changes to City property or right-of-way, including landscaping.

    Note: The City reserves the right to immediately withdraw support for any volunteer if, at the sole discretion of the City, the volunteer’s conduct while participating in volunteer activities on City property or right-of-way is determined to be inconsistent with these Volunteer Guidelines or violates any local, state or federal law. Withdrawal of support may include repossession of issued tools and revocation of related agreements.

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