City Road Plans - Street Closure & Detours

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  1. Detours
  2. Boca Ciega Public Workshop

The traffic detour for the installation of a new sanitary sewer pipe continues to impact Belle Vista residents at 44th Ave. As you can see in the photo, in Phase I a new pipe was pulled from 37th Ave up into Bore Pit 1. Phase I is complete. Phase II is currently underway and will pull a new pipe from 50th Ave up into Bore Pit 2. Phase II will be complete this week. Phase III will open a large trench and connect the two pipes from Bore Pit 1 to Bore Pit 2. Phase III is expected to be complete and the detour removed at the end of June. At this time we expect to return in September to connect the new pipe to the Lift Station across the south bound lanes. We can’t do that connection now because the Lift Station is not ready for the pipe installation.