Garbage and Recycling Collection

The City of St. Pete Beach solicited for and received competitive bids for City wide garbage and recycling collection this year.   The City is under a new contract for eight years with Waste Connections effective December 1, 2019.  The new contract contains numerous changes including new rates, a 2 cubic yard limit on daily pick-up, recycling protocols, changes in pick-up service on specified holidays, and implements service levels consistent with the City Code of Ordinances: Chapter 70 – Solid Waste.

2020 Pinellas County Recycling Guide

Billing and Fee Schedule

Waste Connections will directly bill property owners quarterly for all services.

  • Residential - $15.80 per month
  • Backdoor Pick-up - $22.80 per month (Optional)
  • Yard Waste - Included in the residential rate up to 2 cubic yards per collection day
  • Excessive Yard Waste - $15.00 per 2 cubic yards in excess of the normal 2 cubic yard daily pick-up, requires a special request for pick-up
  • Household Bulky Waste - $25.00 per item, requires a special request for pick-up
  • Whole House Set Out - Price per pound, requires a special service request for a roll-off dumpster

  • Commercial (5-10 Cans) - $27.71 per month
  • Commercial Backdoor Pick-up (5-10 Cans) - $54.39 per month

95 gallon carts are available for purchase at $75.00 each for garbage and yard waste. Requests should be made directly to Waste Connections Customer Service: (727) 572-6800.

Front Loader Container (Dumpster) Service:

Front Loader Container (Dumpster) Service
Container Size1xWeek2xWeek3xWeek4xWeek5xWeek6xWeekExtra Dump
2 Cubic Yard  68.12 136.25 203.10 272.53 340.65 408.77 65.00
3 Cubic Yard 97.93 195.85 293.76 391.68 489.62 587.54 65.00
4 Cubic Yard 130.52 261.13 391.68 522.26 652.82 783.37 85.00
6 Cubic Yard 176.25 352.52 528.79 705.03 881.31 1,057.56 100.00
8 Cubic Yard 192.29 384.56 576.85 769.14 961.41 1,143.70 125.00

Rear Loader Container (Dumpster) Service:

Rear Loader Container (Dumpster) Service
Container Size1xWeek2xWeek3xWeek4xWeek5xWeek6xWeekExtra Dump
2 Cubic Yard 79.11 146.65 218.01 307.47 382.03 486.25 60.00
3 Cubic Yard 95.48 182.07 265.90 308.30 489.20 581.45 65.00
4 Cubic Yard 117.64 220.68 326.70 464.74 570.79 727.97 85.00
6 Cubic Yard 159.83 300.18 440.55 624.59 774.18 949.01 100.00
8 Cubic Yard 191.50 362.60 531.30 757.93 956.80 1,093.02 125.00


Additional Services & Rates

  • Pinellas County Disposal Charge - $39.75/ton (The county plans annual increases)
  • Roll Off Disposal Charge (Cubic Yard/Per Ton) - $37.50/ton if taken to the County facility (disposal charge based on material
  • Commercial Bulk - $15/hopper (one hopper is 2 cubic yards)
  • Roll Offs (Daily Fee) - $NA ($300 charge if not used in a 30 day period)
  • Wash Out Fee (Roll Off) - $50
  • Swap Out Fee - $50
  • Relocate Fee (Roll Off) - $50
  • Trip Charge - $25 (Charge for a Dry Run)

  • Compacted Debris (per cubic yard) - $15 per hopper (one hopper is 2 cubic yards)
  • Non Compacted Debris (per cubic yard) - $15 per hopper (one hopper is 2 cubic yards)
  • Roll Off Haul Rate - $175 per haul plus Disposal Fee for any size container
  • Roll Off Delivery Rate - $50 per delivery for all size containers

Regular Collection Days

Residential garbage collection remains at twice per week. There are no changes to the current pick-up day schedule. However, there will not be a collection on the 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and News Year’s Day. This is because the County landfill and waste to energy plant are closed. If your regular collection day falls on one of those holidays, your garbage will be picked-up on your next regularly scheduled collection day.

Commercial garbage collection remains as currently contracted. Requests for changes in service should be directed to Customer Service: (727) 572-6800.

Regular Collection Cans and Carts

Residential collection cans and/or carts must be provided by the homeowner. Cans and carts are required to have a tight fitting lid. Bags of garbage must be contained in a can or cart, they are not to be placed on the curb for collection. All garbage must be placed in, and fit in without overflowing, an appropriate can or cart. The homeowner must provide a sufficient number of cans and/or carts for this purpose. The City will be enforcing the Ordinance requiring the proper type and number of containers.

Recycling Collection

In support of the State’s goal to divert recycling materials from landfills, the City will continue to provide recycling opportunities. Residential recycling receptacles shall be provided by the homeowner and collection will be once per week on Wednesday for the entire City. If Wednesday is a holiday, recycling will be collected on Saturday. The blue open-top tubs currently being used by many residents will be phased out over the next year. They are not compliant with the City Ordinance for waste containers and the contents are subject to being blown and strewn about our streets littering the landscape. The City will cease to collect recycling in non-compliant containers on December 1, 2020. Waste Connections offers a City approved, specially designated 64 gallon Recycling Cart for $75.00. Requests should be made directly to Waste Connections Customer Service: (727) 572-6800. Residents may choose to provide their own compliant container, such containers do not need to be blue.

If you live in a condo and the association does not have a recycling container and you have an interest in recycling, click this link to find a Pinellas County drop location

Recycling Materials

Allowable recyclable materials are cardboard, paper, hard plastic containers, glass and cans. That’s it. Recyclable materials must be not be contaminated with food or other waste and containers must be rinsed clean. Collection personnel will be inspecting recycling materials in the containers prior to collection. Containers with contaminated material or unauthorized material will not be collected. Open top blue-tubs containing material that has been rained upon or is otherwise wet from landscaping irrigation are considered contaminated and will not be collected. The contents should be transferred to the regular collection cans.

Commercial and multi-family units that would like to begin recycling can do so by contacting Public Works at (727) 363-9243 to coordinate a container location with Waste Connections. Commercial recycling collection is considered a commodity per Florida statute therefore fees may apply depending on market rates. 

Yard Waste

Yard waste includes all yard clippings, grass cuttings, leaves, shrubs, palm fronds, tree limbs and such other small rubbish as ordinarily accumulates about growing vegetation. Yard waste must be placed in bags or in a container for pickup. Branches and limbs must be neatly piled and not over four (4) feet in length and no single object over 40lbs. Yard waste is included in the daily 2 cubic yard pick-up volume. Excessive yard waste will not be picked-up and will either be left for the next scheduled pick-up day or the customer should call for a special service pick-up.

Customers with landscaping service contracts are advised to have the landscaping company haul away all debris.

Household Bulky Waste

Household bulky waste in excess of the standard 2 cubic yard daily limit will not be picked-up. Customers with large amounts of bulky waste should call for a special service pick-up. In no case should household bulky waste be left on the curb prior to scheduling the pick-up.

Disaster Clean Up

In the case of a hurricane, storm event or other Federal or State declared disaster that results in a large accumulation of storm generated yard waste and debris within the City, the City shall collect the yard waste and debris as per the terms of the City’s contract with a FEMA approved Disaster Debris Contractor. Waste Connections will not pick-up disaster generated debris. In the days following a declared disaster, Waste Connections will continue to collect normally generated household solid waste. Disaster debris and infrastructure damage may restrict access to normal route collections for a period of time. The City will work together with Waste Connections to restore normal service as soon as practical.

Debris generated by a non-declared storm will be treated as normal yard waste. Customers with debris volumes in excess of 2 cubic yards should call for a special service pick-up.