August 6, 2019 Updates

  • The project is slightly over 50% at this time and continues to be on schedule for a contract completion of May 15, 2020.
  • The main 16 inch water line is complete and tested up to Corey Ave. the main reclaimed water line is also complete up to Corey Ave.
  • The Corey Ave and Blind Pass Road intersection is now closed for the next two months. The contractor will begin to install utilities through the intersection this week. Water lines, reclaimed water lines, sanitary sewer lines, electrical conduit and storm water inlets are scheduled for installation.
  • The overhead electrical and telecommunications underground conduit is about 85% complete and new poles are being set in preparation for transfer to the new system.
  • The storm water outfall structure at the 70th Ave street end is complete.
  • Road building, new driveway aprons, sidewalk, curb and gutter installation continues to be installed from the south to the north. 

May 16, 2019 Updates

  • The Blind Pass Road Reconstruction project is 36% complete with a finish date of June 13, 2020
  • Water and utility lines are being installed up to Corey Ave in preparation for crossing the intersection in August. We expect the intersection to be closed to all traffic for about 8 weeks
  • Traffic signals will be removed for the Corey and Blind Pass and Corey and Boca Ciega intersections in the next month. Both intersections will be returned to 4-way stop sign controlled intersections
  • Electrical conduit, curb,driveway aprons and utility pipe continues to be installed throughout the project