Hurricane Season lasts from June 1 through November 30

2019 Hurricane Names

Although thunderstorms and lightning are a more frequent threat within the Tampa Bay area, as a barrier island community, St. Pete Beach is extremely vulnerable to the damaging effects of hurricanes and tropical storms. With an average land elevation of approximately 7.5 feet above sea level, the island is highly susceptible to flooding and surges associated with these large storms. In serious storm threat situations, residents and guests of the city are asked to evacuate. This is your basic guide to being prepared and protecting your family and property from the effects of storms.

Hurricane Watches are issued when a storm threatens coastal and inland areas and the development of hurricane conditions is a real possibility.

Listed below is a basic checklist to do if a watch is issued:

  • Have cash on hand
  • Proof of Identification and important paperwork available
  • Stock up on extra water and non-perishable food items
  • Fill your automobile with gas or make sure you have transportation if needed
  • Check flashlights, radios and batteries to make sure they are in working order
  • Stay tuned to radio or TV for storm updates
  • Keep your cell phone charged, if you have one
  • Have extra supplies for everyone but especially for young babies & children, special needs individuals and seniors who need the extra help and care
  • Make arrangements for extra water, food and safety of your pets if needed
  • Make sure all members of your family are aware of the storm and your plans for evacuation if needed
  • Refill prescription medications and attend to all medical supply needs
  • Keep your Hurricane Re-Entry Tag available
  • Vacationers keep receipts from your place of commercial lodging available
  • Be prepared if an Evacuation Order is issued

Hurricane Warnings are issued when hurricane conditions (winds are in excess of 74 MPH, high water and/or storm surge) are expected in a specified area within 24 hours. You must be prepared to evacuate at anytime after a hurricane warning has been issued, even if the weather does not seem threatening at the time.

When a warning is issued:

  • Include the basic checklist for a Hurricane Watch listed above
  • Clear your yard of loose objects such as lawn furniture, garbage cans or anything else that might become launched in high winds
  • Secure your boat if you have one (Most draw bridges will be closed to boat traffic when the Evacuation Order is given)
  • Protect windows, glass doors, garage doors and all entry & exit points to your dwelling
  • Gather items that you will need to take to a shelter or place of safety
  • Be prepared to leave when the Evacuation Order is issued

Citizen Information Center - 727.464.4333
Open only during declared emergencies

Pinellas County Emergency Management - 727.464.3800

Progress Energy Power Outages - 800.228.8485

Red Cross - 727.898.3111

Small Business Disaster

Assistance Center - 800.659.2955

Florida Disaster Help Center - 800.FLHELP.1

Community Notification Service - 888.689.8905

Price Gouging Hotline - 800.646.0444