Pass-A-Grille Way Phase II Road Reconstruction from 19th Avenue to 1st Avenue 

Public Woks will host an information sharing meeting beginning at 3pm on December 14th, 2017 for anyone interested in the next phase of the Pass-A-Grille Way Road Reconstruction project. The meeting will be held at the Warren Webster Building located at the intersection of 15th Avenue and Pass-A-Grille Way. Items of interest include when construction will start, how long will it last, how the project will proceed, traffic detour plans, access to homes, parking, mail and deliveries, impacts to businesses and discussion on any question that may come up. 

If you cant make the meeting, but have questions or concerns about the project, contact Mike Clarke, Public Works Director at 363-9243 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The project continues on schedule albeit we did run into one small challenge last week.  Pipe installation at 15th Ave is proving to be more difficult than expected due to the high water table under our island.  Engineers from the City, Pinellas County and our contractor reviewed the pipe locations and found a solution that will help move the installation along this week. 

NOTE:  As the pipe installation continues we will open 16th Avenue to normal 2-way traffic and turn 15th Avenue into 2-way traffic.  This will allow construction to continue down 15th Avenue and provide for a way for residents on PAGW to use 16th Avenue to get out to Gulf Way.  This new traffic pattern is scheduled to begin on February 7th and last until the 14th.  It may have to run a bit longer depending on how construction goes. 

All of our utility providers are meeting on site this week to determine exactly where each utility must be positioned to provide service to each individual property.  Early coordination is a lesson learned from Phase I and will certainly help us stay on schedule.  To allow utility providers to install new service connections we will be asking every property owner to allow a Right Of Entry (ROE) for the utility providers and the City Contractor to enter the property to make the installations.  The ROE is a letter signed by the property owner allowing the contractor to enter the property.  It is temporary for construction only.

Sea wall work and storm water pipe installation continues at the street ends.  Baffle Boxes will begin to arrive on February 14th and installation will start at 18th Avenue.  The contractor plans on installing one box per week with 17th Avenue on approximately February 21st followed by 16th then 14th and then back to 15th .  These are large concrete structures so expect to see a large crane operating in the area for the next two months. 

Traffic management continues to be monitored closely and the contractor is keeping PAGW watered and compacted to maintain a drivable surface.  The official south bound detour is at 21st Avenue.  Beach traffic is encouraged to use 21st Avenue and this will assist others who wish to visit the businesses at the 21st to 20th Avenue block to find parking and get into and out of the parking lots.  In addition to the detour sign we have installed Blue Way-Finding signs at 21st Avenue to help drivers find their way to the PAGW Downtown Shops and Businesses in the vicinity of 8th Avenue and Merry Pier.   Parking in Pass-A-Grille is always a challenge and will become more so as the tourist season arrives.  We will keep a close eye on traffic and parking.  Some ideas for parking changes have been discussed however, no changes will be made to the existing layout at this time.

The next public meeting is at 3pm on February 15th at the Warren Webster Building.  We look forward to seeing you there.


The water leak earlier this week at 3rd Avenue was from a de-watering operation that hit the existing 4” Reclaimed water line.  Even though we located the line at two ends of the block, the line snaked a bit in the middle and one of the well points hit it.   Utility crews are working on the installation of Potable Water and Reclaimed Water lines from 15th Ave north to 18th Ave and from 1st Ave north to 3rd Ave.  That work will continue for several more weeks.  Next week the contractor will begin the work to mark and install the storm water lines in the street ends from 15th Ave north to 18th Ave.  The sea wall will be worked on first to install the openings for the new pipe and then the trench work will commence to install the new pipe.

Material approvals, engineering detail questions and other administrative matters are moving along and the contractor continues to make progress on schedule.  As work progresses the City Inspector and Contractor’s Superintendent will be contacting property owners along the way to keep everyone informed as to changes in driveway parking access and how work is progressing.


PAGW PH II continues to start off with a bang.  The contractor is mobilized and began to mill the asphalt surface this week and if not complete by today will finish early next week.  Next week the first utility installation crew will begin installing water and reclaimed water lines starting at 15th Ave and working north to 19th Ave.  Trees designated for removal will be cut down next week.  Silt fence around storm drains and turbidity barriers in the bay at the stormwater outfalls will begin to be installed next week.

As everyone has seen, the traffic control signs are up.  Following some initial confusion, traffic seems to be moving well.  There is no traffic change or restriction of normal movement between 7th Ave and 11th Ave.  If you live on the east side of the street north of 12th Ave, use the nearest available Avenue to reach Gulf Way to get on and off the island.  That route will change a block north or south depending on when and where the contractor is installing pipe and conduit.  Our best advice is to maintain awareness, be safe and go where it makes sense. 

At some point the one-way paired Avenues at 15th and 16th will be signed two-way to accommodate trenching through that block and maintain access to the apartment complex and homes impacted.  The road closure at 16th Avenue is removed now to allow for traffic flow to Gulf Way.  The contractor will not be utilizing that stretch of road, they will continue to depart the lay down yard towards PAGW. 

We have installed a U-Turn accommodation on Gulf Way down at 1st Avenue.  A dozen or so parking spaces have been taken out of service and the road will be striped to guide traffic.  For now, we have installed cones to guide traffic movement.

Please be aware of your surroundings and be courteous of other drivers and our work force.


Phase II of the Pass-A-Grille Way road reconstruction project is moving along at a brisk pace with dozens of material and construction submittals being approved by the design team.  Gibbs & Register will mobilize to the construction lay down yard starting January 2nd with equipment and materials ready to get to work.  The first activity we will see is the installation of traffic detour signs.  Also starting in the first week in January the contractor will mill up the existing asphalt road and mix it in with the sub-base, curb to curb the entire way from 19th Ave to 1st Ave.  The mix will be re-compacted to establish a suitable driving surface for all areas where residents and visitors need to drive and park.  There are several reasons for doing this; by homogenizing the material there is no need to cut asphalt as trenching in the utility pipes progresses.  That will make the trenching process much easier.  Also, by disturbing the surface early in the project, we will uncover any unforeseen sight conditions that may exist.  The contractor will have plenty of time to correct any condition discovered and keep the project on schedule.

Details on the Detour Plan show that 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Avenues are all open to normal traffic after the surface is milled and compacted.  Parking along the east and west side of PAGW between 6th Ave and 10th Ave will remain as is during this phase of the project.  The City Inspector and Contractor will work with each property owner that has a driveway on PAGW to insure everyone has vehicle access to their property.  Residents on the east side of PAGW between 12th Ave and 19th Ave will have continuous access to cross the street to get onto their property.  Mail and other deliveries will have access to everyone at all times. 

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