Generally when any work exceeds the scope of routine maintenance and repairs, you will need a permit. Below is partial listing of examples of work requiring a permit. If you are unsure if your project requires a permit, call the Building Division at 727.363-9277 or 727.363.9214 for information.


  • Room or other additions to existing buildings Modifications to bearing walls & posts.
  • Adding or removal of any wall.
  • Hand railings - Install, replace or repair
  • Interior remodeling including new cabinets


  • Accessory Structures - Spas, sheds, gazebos, fountains, and similar items
  • Antenna - Large, free-standing (ham radio antenna, satellite dishes, etc.)
  • Awnings (not replacement of covering only.)
  • Burglar bars - Installation
  • Concrete sidewalks, patios or slabs
  • Patio covers and enclosures
  • Exterior door replacement, including jambs
  • All driveways - New, adding to existing, or replacing
  • Fences - New or replacing
  • Light - Outdoor poles
  • Pools and spas and enclosures
  • Railings - Install, replace or repair
  • Roof - New or reroof or repair existing roof
  • Seawalls, seawall caps, and seawall tie-backs
  • Docks, tie poles and boat lifts (no permit to replace deck boards only)
  • Commercial signs
  • Fire suppression systems, sprinklers and alarms
  • Propane tanks (except 5 gallon for gas grill)
  • All stairways - Install, replace or repair
  • Stucco wall
  • Walls - all exterior removal, extension or new
  • Window - Removal or replacement
  • Wood Deck - Install or repair (No permit required to repair a 12" or less grade level deck - top boards only)
  • Flag Poles

Plumbing and water supply:

  • Plumbing - Install new
  • Sewer Line - New or Replace
  • Shower Pan - Replace
  • Spas - Install
  • Water Heater - Replace, Relocate or New
  • Water Lines - New or Replace

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning:

  • A/C - Install central heat or A/C
  • A/C - Install electric for unit
  • Replace condenser or air handler
  • Ductwork - Replace or Adding

Landscaping and site preparation:

  • Grubbing or digging Florida native vegetation

Tree removal or relocation

contact the Public Services Operation Manager at 727.363.9243 for more information