The St. Pete Beach Library  Reimagine Renovation Campaign has reached an initial milestone by achieving the $10,000 donor challenge in only 5 weeks.  The anonymous donor has committed to matching the $10,000 collected in donations with his own contribution of $10,000 by March 15th.

Thank you to all of our patrons that took on the challenge, especially the St. Pete Beach Community Club.  Their donation of $5,000 put us  over the $10,000 goal which qualified us for the match.

The fundraising campaign still has a long way to go, with the target of $700,000 to be raised from community supporters.  This donor challenge success has given the campaign a great start.  Please do your part by contributing to the Library building fund.

Stop by or call the Library for details 727.363.9238.

renderingexterior addition


 rendering library proper