MARCH 10, 2015

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District 2 Candidates

Votes cast for Rick Falkenstein:  353

Votes cast for Joanne Lentino:  328

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Per City Charter, Section 3.02:
"No person shall be qualified as City Commissioner or be elected as City Commissioner unless s/he has first been a full-time resident of both the City of St. Pete Beach and the district which s/he seeks to represent, for a period of twelve months next preceding the last day on which s/he is allowed by law to qualify as a candidate for City Commission." 


District Boundary Map





 City of St. Pete Beach

Office of the City Clerk
155 Corey Avenue
St. Pete Beach, FL  33706
(727) 367-2735

(Please note that any amended reports will be posted as soon as they are submitted)
District 2
Rick Falkenstein





Joanne Lentino


District 4 (See note below)
Melinda Pletcher
In accordance with Chapter 38-14(c) of the City Charter, there will be no election in District 4:
"(c)  Single Candidate. If not more than one person qualified as a candidate for a designated seat on the city commission or for mayor-commissioner to be filled at an election, that seat shall not be listed on the regular city election ballot."